Finished Last Light today, figured I'd post a spoiler-free review here with some screenshots I made.

Took me 8.4 hours on Ranger difficulty which is nice, since I finish most modern FPS in under 6 hours.


The game totally did impress me way more than the original. I can relate this to Dead Space 2 – they improved in every possible way over the 1st one. This metro was longer, scarier, better looking, much better optimized (60 fps maxed out in 1080p without SSAA with GTX 680, which is about 30 more fps than I had in the first game), more fun, and very importantly – less metro. Towards the end of the game you barely stay inside, going to the surface very often, where gameplay changes to something much more open and engaging. The atmosphere is still absolutely top-notch, one of the best in all the FPS games at the very least, along with a world that’s interesting to explore. The world outside and inside feels EXACTLY like Moscow which is where I live all my life, so I really can tell, it’s fucking impressive.

Addition of new guns was nice, but most important thing for me was improved customization – I used same two guns I got at the beginning for the rest of the game only changing once. Silenced AK-74 with red dot sight for times when shit got real and silenced revolver for stealth and hunting. At the end I simply replaced AK-74 with AK-12, using same customizations. These two totally got me covered, and I barely felt need for something different, only during close encounters with large packs of mutants who are fast and don’t give two craps about AK unless shot at the head which you can’t hit with their movement speed, so I often ran out of ammo taking on lots of them at once. Shotgun would be perfect there, shame you can’t carry 3 weapons.

One thing I didn’t like was dumb AI – if you are in “shadow” area – you can’t be seen, even if enemy is standing or passing right next to you, bodies can’t be seen as well. Enemies never notice their friends die with very few exceptions. 90% of the game I passed areas, even very complicated ones, on first try, without ever raising alarms or making a single noise, which feels kind of cool, but also shows for how easy it is. Meh, maybe it’s me, but I somehow doubt that. Due to being stealthy I also missed out on most of the action, but when it did happen, it was fucking glorious. I mean it. The game probably has the most visually and gameplay-wise satisfying shooting sequences I’ve seen in years. When shit hits the fan, it’s fast, ugly, and very dynamic. Felt very realistic.


Story felt kind of flat and rushed at first, but became fine towards the end. You apparently can also get different endings depending on some decisions you make (yes, there are some to make) during the game, and how you play in general. I have to investigate in this since I don’t even know which ending I got myself, didn’t really feel good or bad. Due to lack of a tutorial I only realised that you can knock enemies out with E without killing them with V up close, which probably made me a real bad guy – I slit everyone’s throat at first.
Don’t really have much more to add – you’ll love it if you loved the first game, or enjoy atmospheric FPSgames or simply good-looking ones. Will throw in a bunch more screenshots now, all watchable in 1080p and with comments:

...or they aren't, Kotaku's compressing everything. You can find all in 1080p on my Steam screenshots page


…and after.

Hunting the hunter

I'm scared.

That moment.

Missiles hit.

The life before…


Exploring the darkness.

Death from the shadow.

One for all!


Final stand

And just a batch of metro mood shots: