I wonder why this doesn't mention the horrible technical issues the game has at the moment. I absolutely love the gameplay, and been playing it since the alpha, but seriously, the final product is awful in optimization. People used to bitch about BF4 having a hard launch? Well for me it worked about 3 times better… » 2/17/15 12:00pm 2/17/15 12:00pm

Considering how you can get Samsung U28D590D for $500 on a deal (which happen all the time), I'd include that seeing as how you have a $300 monitor in this list, and Samsung being 4K. At least deserves an honorable "budget 4K mention", seeing as how I spent more on my previous 1080p monitor than on this thing. » 2/15/15 9:55am 2/15/15 9:55am

Huh? I noticed it to be a bit too long, on the contrary . As a hunter, it kinda felt that you can even see the monster running away from the ship sometimes, but once I started playing monster, I noticed that you actually get plenty of time to get real far - jump, jump, jump and that's it. And if you're smart enough to… » 2/13/15 9:32pm 2/13/15 9:32pm

Yeah, fun when it works. In all of the latest and newest games though, 4K usually doesn't. And by 4K I of course mean SLI, which is either not implemented at all (Titanfall), or has major issues (Far Cry 4, Dying Light, Evolve). I got a 4K monitor a while ago, and getting sick of playing in blurry (because of being… » 2/12/15 5:43am 2/12/15 5:43am

Yeah, but how is it different from general internet use? When people get into discussions/arguments and things escalate to some really bad language and all that. I can bet that it wouldn't happen in real life, at least not as quickly (if at all). » 2/04/15 8:37am 2/04/15 8:37am